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The Whimzie is a product of Woman On A Whim
made in the U.S.A.

an attachable, mobile coaster  

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A collection of handmade whims inspired by those who made me who I am today.
the story behind Loosethreads...

​My dear grandmother whom I lost to ALS wore these out on the farm while she raced around raising four children.   She loved all things domestic. My mother and aunt also sported them as little girls of the 50s', canning veggies, gathering eggs from the chickens, cleaning house, and sewing all the while protecting their adorable curly hair. I came up with Loosethreads to continue on the trait that has been passed down to me with products inspired by my dear grandmother.  Just as a thread is clipped, we must, just like the stitch on a machine, keep going...keep dreaming.  
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